Alfredo Cascante Marín

Escuela de Biología

Apdo. 11501-2060

San Pedro, San José

Costa Rica

Telefono: 2511-8653 2511-8664 (Dirección Herbario)





Ríos, LD, A. Cascante-Marín. High selfing capability and low pollinator visitation in the hummingbird-pollinated epiphyte Pitcairnia heterophylla (Bromeliaceae) at a Costa Rican mountain forest. Revista de Biología Tropical 65 (2). 2017


Batke SE, A. Cascante-Marín, Kelly DL. Epiphytes in Honduras: a geographical analysis of the vascular epiphyte flora and its floristic affinities to other Central American countries. Tropical Ecology 57: 663-675. 2016


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