Ph.D. Mario Espinoza Mendiola
Escuela de Biología
Apdo. 11501-2060
San Pedro, San José
Costa Rica
Telefono: 2511-8683 oficina 251 2511-2208 CIMAR
Oficina: 140




Sward D, Espinoza M, Chin A (accepted). Application of underwater video survey methods to sharks and rays: a review. Reviews in Fish and Fisheries.

Freedman R, Espinoza M, Voss K, Farrugia T, Whitcraft CR, Lowe C (accepted). Does estuary restoration design alter the fine scale movements of grey smoothhounds (Mustelus californicus) in Southern California? Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences.

Herrera M, Clarke TM, Naranjo-Elizondo B, Espinoza M, Wehrtmann IS (2016). Size at maturity of the Pacific bearded brotula (Ophidiidae: Brotula clarkae): a commercially exploited species in the Pacific of Latin America. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Sciences 44: 657-661.

Espinoza M, Heupel MR, Tobin AJ, Simpfendorfer CA (2016) Evidence of partial migration in a large coastal predator: opportunistic foraging and reproduction as key drivers? PLOS ONE 11(2): e0147608.